Our events are held in offices in Glasgow city centre.

Languages & Experience

We are langauge agonostic and welcome developers of all experience.


We don't do presentations (except on occasion) but use formats where everyone participates in the conversation. We all share with, and learn from, each other.


We always welcome newcomers no matter what your experience is or if you've never been to a tech meetup before.

What events do we run?

Our events are designed to get you to share ideas with other people at the event.

There is no presure to speak and our formats give you time to settle in before getting involved.

Guided Conversation

A Guided Conversation is a meeting where a facilitator comes up with a starting set of questions around a single topic. The group then discuss those questions with 8 minutes given for each question.
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Lean Coffee

A Lean Coffee is a structured meeting where participant choose the agenda. Each participant put forward topics they want to discuss. Everyone votes on each topic. The topics with the most votes go first.
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In our workshops we work collaboratively on something new or experimental you may not have tried before. Things like the Pair Programming Ping Pong Pattern or Mob Programming.