CodeCraft Book Club 2020 Entries

Our now annual tradition of getting together and discussing books has continued into its third year! It’s not a book club in the traditional sense. Instead, we invite attendees to bring a book (or blog post, podcast, other media) that has influenced them. Everyone discusses their book in small groups, and gets to see a variety of recommendations.

Due to various reason (including the horrendous weather), it was a considerably quieter event than in previous years, but that let us get deeper into conversation around each topic.


  • “Humble Pi” by Matt Parker
  • “Node.js: Beyond the Basics” by Samer Buna
  • “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine
  • “Remarkably Easy” by Danielle Macleod
  • “Seven Languages in Seven Weeks” by Bruce Tate
  • “Now The Chips Are Down” by Alison Gazzard