By our silence, we shout our complicity

Diversity in our community is the core of what makes CodeCraft. It makes us stronger.

It is our duty to challenge those who think otherwise, encourage others to talk about it, and educate. We should never lose capacity to be outraged at the injustice in this world. We should never accept persecution of minorities and the discrimination they face on a daily basis.

This week the issue of racism has resurfaced due to the killing of George Floyd and protests in the USA, but the system is inherently racist and we cannot stop challenging the status quo. We cannot pretend that systemic racism is not also present in the UK.

We are still learning and educating ourselves on the struggle which the black community goes through everyday. We will not always do everything right, but we promise to always engage in conversations about racism and actively challenge our bias and prejudice. Now we ask members of our community to do the same.

Black lives matter. And until they do, not all lives matter.

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