CodeCraft Bring-A-Book 2024 Entries

Our annual tradition of getting together and discussing books has continued into its sixth year!

It’s not a book club in the traditional sense. Instead, we invite attendees to Bring-a-Book (or blog post, podcast, other media) that has influenced them.

This year, we went back to the Raven in Glasgow. It was a cold and stormy night, and only 2 people made it.


  • “The dynamics of social practice: everyday life and how it changes” by Elizabeth Shove, Mika Pantzar and Matt Watson
  • “Object-Oriented Programming” by Peter Coad and Jill Nicola
  • “Object-Oriented Design” by Peter Coad and Edward Yourdon
  • “Object-Oriented Analysis” by Peter Coad and Edward Yourdon

It’s quite neat seeing classic books being useful still, as well as a more general book about how to manage change itself.