Microservices seems to have appeared from nowhere this year, but the term has deep roots in lots of interesting practices. What exactly are Microservices, though? When might your use them, and how can you build them?

For our June event, we’re going to be discussing and exploring Microservices, the benefits they can provide, and the challenges they can bring. We’ll touch upon techniques to help decompose services down into microservices, tools to aid deployment, and lessons learned so far.

(Note: The precise event details have yet to be finalised, but the theme is obvious: microservices. If you’re interested in learning more or sharing your experiences, please come along.)

  • Details: Microservices
  • Date - Thursday 19th June 2014
  • Time - 7pm
  • Location: The Arches Cafe (bar area) on Argyle Street, Glasgow