Deployment Show & Tell

We all use different tools and technologies to help deploy our code. Some might be hand-cranked solutions, and others off-the-shelf but customised for our own purposes. Whatever you use, we’d like to see it.

For our August event, we’re having a show & tell with the theme of deployment. It doesn’t matter if it’s Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible or something else, we’d like to see your particular arrangement; its strengths and weaknesses. We encourage you to bring along deployment tools with which your comfortable on a laptop and spend a little time showing someone else why you use it, whilst learning a little bit about the tools others are using. If, for some reason, you can’t bring a laptop, bring your enthusiasm to learn instead.

We’ll be pairing and switching for the evening, so everyone should get a little bit of time to try out everything else, followed by a short discussion on what we’ve learnt.

  • Details - Deployment Show & Tell
  • Date - Thursday 21st August 2014
  • Time - 7pm event start
  • Location - The Hope bar on Waterloo Street, Glasgow