Mob Programming

For our November event, we’re going to try Mob Programming at the new Arnold Clark office in the city center.

The idea behind Mob Programming is a cross-functional team works together constantly. Only one person codes while the rest of the team supports them. The person who is coding rotates every 15 minutes. Woody Zuill has been using onlt this technique for three years with interesting results.

Here is a time lapse video of a typical day’s Mob Programming:

Our plan is to take an open source project, gather a cross-functional team and see how the technique works for us over two hours.

This is the first event we’ve held outside of a pub, and Arnold Clark have offered to host us for the evening. We’ve agreed with our hosts that all attendees will adhere to the Hacker School rules while on site.

All visitors need to access the office via the parking garage at the rear of the building. Visitors can use their car park and there is plenty of space for cyclists to leave bikes.

Detailed directions are available in a pdf

  • Details: Mob Programming
  • Date - Thursday 20th November 2014
  • Time - 6:30pm to 8:45pm
  • Location: Arnold Clark, Digital Product Development, 163 St. George’s Road, Glasgow, G3 6LB