For our May event, we’re joining forces with the Glasgow Clojure group to hear Stuart Sierra talk about Datomic. There should be pizza to eat too!

Stuart has let us know what the event will be about:

“An introduction to Datomic, a new database with support for ACID transactions, horizontal read-scalability, and a unique data model that incorporates time. Datomic is written in Clojure, runs on the JVM, and has native APIs for both Clojure and Java. Topics will include: an overview of the Datomic architecture, the tuple-based data model, immutability, Datomic’s view of time, queries with Datalog, and transactions. No prior experience with Clojure needed.”

We’ve hosted events at Arnold Clark before and continue to agree that all attendees will adhere to the Hacker School rules while on site.

All visitors need to access the office via the parking garage at the rear of the building. Visitors can use the car park, and there is plenty of space for cyclists to leave bikes.

Detailed directions are available in a pdf

  • Details: Intro to Datomic
  • Date - Thursday 21st May 2015
  • Time - 7pm
  • Location: Arnold Clark, Digital Product Development, 163 St. George’s Road, Glasgow, G3 6LB