REST, APIs and The Future

For our June event, we’re going to talk about APIs, REST and the future of API design.

Many developers will have experience of talking to APIs in some form, and some will have built them. We’d like to hear your thoughts on APIs in general, why REST in particular is becoming increasingly popular, where the future lies, and much more. If you want to hear what your peers are doing in terms of designing APIs, this is the event for you.

Even if you’ve never touched an API, you’ll find that the conversation will be a fruitful learning experience, and your fresh input into why APIs are the way they are will be invaluable.

We’ll be using the guided conversation format, where a guide familiar with the topic will ask questions to provoke debate, and guide us through the trail of topics.

  • Details: REST, APIs and The Future
  • Date - Thursday 18th June 2015
  • Time - 7pm event start
  • Location: The Raven on Renfield Street, Glasgow (hopefully upstairs)