What is Simplicity?

For our April event, we’ll be running a workshop to help us answer the question: “What is simplicity in code?”

There have been a few attempts to make this subjective topic into an objective measure. The most famous is the Kent Beck’s four simple rules which Zachary Spencer reworked into an acronym, TUBE.

Evan Czaplicki, the creator of Elm, is encouraging developers to speak more directly about software concepts, in order to allow people to understand them without being scared off by complicated terms. For an example of this, watch nine minutes of his excellent talk at Curry On - Prague.

We don’t want simplicity to be another scary topic about which only a few people can speak. Simplicity rules should be accessible for all developers.

For this workshop we will work together to create a clear and objective guide for creating simple code, that doesn’t leave anything up to the imagination.

Come along and join in, or just listen, as we work together to create a guide to simplicity.

  • Details: What is Simplicity?
  • Date - Thursday 21st April 2016
  • Time - 7pm event start
  • Location: The Raven on Renfield Street, Glasgow (upstairs, in the Nest)