Technical Debt: A Guided Conversation

For our May event, we’re going to have a Guided Conversation about Technical Debt. Often bad ideas are justified through the statement “We’ll fix it later”, but we all know this just leads to problems down the line. Let’s talk a little bit about what Technical Debt is, whether it is ever justified, and maybe whether it’s a fitting metaphor for a complicated area of software craftsmanship.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new and haven’t experienced technical debt, you may be able to ask just the right questions to unlock key insights for others, whilst listening in and learning for yourself. We’ll explain the format (Guided Conversations), and make sure everyone keeps up with the discussion.

  • Details: Technical Debt: A Guided Conversation
  • Date - Thursday 18th May 2017
  • Time - 7pm event start
  • Location: The Raven on Renfield Street, Glasgow (upstairs)