Pair Programming Ping Pong Pattern

01 Jun 2017


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For our June event, we’re doing a Pair Programming and TDD exercise called the Ping Pong Pattern.

We’ll work through a programming exercise in pairs using the pattern and then discuss how we found the process.

Don’t worry if you’ve never pair programmed or done TDD before. We’ll be pairing people up to make sure every pair has at least one person who’s done both.

Please bring along your laptops!

The Exercise

Pair Programming Ping Pong Pattern

In pairs:

And so on. Refactoring is done whenever the need arises by whoever is driving.

The Problem - Number Plate Decoder

Given a number plate:

  1. Calculate the cars age
  2. Output the local mnemonic (just for Scotland)
  3. Output the DVLA office (just for Scotland)
  4. Validate the three letter sequence
  5. Output local mnemonics for all areas and determine if mnemonics is valid
  6. Output DVLA offices for all areas and determine if mnemonics is valid

You can find information about how number plates are encoded here: Uk vehicle registration plates


JP Morgan have kindly volunteered to host us at their Glasgow offices on 45 Waterloo St, Glasgow G2 6HS, so you will need to sign-up to get on the list which you can get here. They will also be providing pizza and drinks.

We’ll be letting people in from around 6:30pm, but no entry will be possible after 7pm, so please be sharp!