CodeCraft Book Club


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Whatever your New Year Resolutions are, reading and sharing is always a good thing!

For our January event we are having a Book Club meetup which focuses on the theme of “text which has changed your way of thinking”. The text could be any length or format – a book, news article or a blogpost.

Our aim is to encourage everyone to share ideas that have inspired them, and hopefully help with narrowing of worthy reads to put on your 2018 reading list.

The format will be talking about your chosen text in small groups and changing those groups after a while so you get to hear what everyone has to say.

Happy reading!

  • Details – CodeCraft Book Club
  • Date - Thursday 18th of January
  • Time - 6:30pm event start
  • Location – JPMorgan, 45 Waterloo Street, Glasgow
  • Tickets - Book here