CodeCraft Book Club Entries

24 Jan 2018

We kicked off 2018 with a brand new event format – a “Book Club” in which everyone brought in their favourite text and discussed it. This time round we focused on texts which “Changed Your Way Of Thinking”. It did not have to be a book explicitly – it could have been an article, podcast, blog, online course - anything really.

We have composed a list of worthy entries (as deemed by the January attendees) for anyone’s 2018 resolutions. The entries are as follows, in no particular order:

Some people were not able to make it on the day but they were kind enough to share their choices directly with us:

The format of the event worked well as everyone was encouraged to contribute to the conversation, and there was no pressure to read one particular book, but everyone brought something they were comfortable reading. There was a wide variety of topics, many of which were not directly code related which made the discussions even more interesting.