01 Aug 2018


For our August event, we’re going to have a FirstTimeSpeakers event! There will be two things happening on the night First Time Speakers Talks and Prep for future Speakers

First Time Speakers Talks

6 speakers have been selected from the submissions for this event and they are ready to show their talks to the world. We have fantastic lightning talks lined up, with speakers from all tech backgrounds. So come long to see talks never seen before on the meetup scene! Schedule:

Prep for future Speakers

In February, a wonderful new initiative has begun. The global diversity CFP day hosted workshops around the world to help new speakers emerge onto the tech scene. We would like to carry on this tradition, and as part of the event we have a space dedicated for people who would like to speak. So if you are a soon-to-be speaker and need some help with your proposal, abstract, bio etc come along are there will be people there to help you throughout the duration of the event.