Interview Workshops - Creating an Inclusive Developer Interview Process


Interviewing developers is hard. And no-one really knows how to do it well. We have all seen white-boards, “here is one I prepared earlier” challenges, existential brainteasers, and in-depth technical questions but otherwise, there hasn’t been much development in the interviewing space.

Hence why, for our November event we will be running a workshop on developer interviews which will focus on inclusivity and better understanding what makes a good developer interview. We will also try to understand how our interviews can lead to monocultures and why this can be a limiting factor when recruiting talent.

In groups, we will be designing a process for hiring a developer and discussing and trying out things which work, along some things which do not. It does not matter if you have never conducted an interview or you are a hiring pro, you are welcome to come along.

So, come along and join in, or just listen, as we work together to create better ways of interviewing.