test && commit || revert. If the tests fail, then the code goes back to the state where the tests last passed” - Kent Beck

For our March event, we have a workshop using an entirely new form of Test Driven Development (TDD). In this version of TDD, every time you save a file, the tests run and if they fail the code gets instantly reverted.

Poof! it’s gone.

If the tests pass, however, the change gets committed.

We will be discovering what this constraint means for our coding styles. Can we possibly work if we throw away all our mistakes seconds after making them? How do we become productive while under this design pressure? Come along and we’ll find out together.

Doors open at 6 pm, then we’ll kick off at 6:30 pm.

Since we’ll be working in pairs, you will need to bring your laptop for this session.

Optional background reading on TCR: https://medium.com/@kentbeck_7670/test-commit-revert-870bbd756864