Mob programming: The power of refactoring as a team

Date Thursday 17th September 2020
Time 7.00pm event start
Location   Zoom! Join us via Zoom.
Tickets EventBrite

“All the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer” - Woody Zuill

There is a radically different way of creating software. Your entire team work on only one thing at a time and on only one computer. It seems like the slowest imaginable way of creating software, but during this session, you’ll find the reality is entirely different.

We spend most of our time on existing codebases rather than shiny new ones. To adapt our code we need to refactor before introducing the new functionality we want. So how do we organise ourselves in a mob to refactor as a team? This session will show how mob refactoring can be a powerful technique.

We’ll work on the Racing Car refactoring kata and experience mob programming and practice SOLID principles. After attending you’ll be able to use these techniques to do mob refactoring on your teams. Please download VS code and enable live share as we will be using it during the session.

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