Extreme Programming in 2021: A Guided Conversation

Date | Thursday 15th April 2021
Time | 7:00pm to 9:00pm BST
Location   | Zoom (With free ticket) Get free tickets here

Jason Yip recently asked “What would Extreme Programming (aka dials to 11) look like if it was invented today?”. If the original XP was all the best practices Kent Beck knew at the time turned up to 11, what are the best practices we know now, and how do turn them up?

We intend to explore a little into XP’s past, but focus more on what it could be today.

This will be in our usual format of Guided Conversations. The conversation will cover what XP is, explore technical and non-technical practice, figure out how we improve them, and then try to turn it into a new XP.

Guided conversations are a friendly way to have a structured yet lightweight discussion around a topic. A guide will make sure we stay on track, and offer questions to spark the conversation. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the industry, or whether you’re experienced, you may be able to ask just the right questions to unlock key insights for others, whilst listening in and learning for yourself. We’ll explain the format and make sure everyone keeps up with the discussion.