Practice Inclusive Online Meetings

Date | Thursday 17th June 2021
Time | 7:00pm to 8:30pm BST
Location   | Zoom
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How can we make meetings that are more fruitful, collaborative and lively, especially now that most are happening online?

For our June event, we cover a couple of Liberating Structures: micro-structures that enhance relational coordination and trust between people. Our focus is on how to run these well online. No prior knowledge of the structures is necessary.

We will practice each structure in turn: explain how the structure works, have a warm-up round, tweak instructions if necessary then have a proper round, and lastly reflect on how it went.


We’ll make extensive use of the breakout rooms on zoom: it’ll help to be on the desktop client (preferably on a recent version - 5.4 or above). It’ll also work from the web client, though.

It’ll be useful to have something to take notes: pen/paper, or electronic as you prefer (if possible a different device than what you’re using for the zoom call).

We’ll use the following topics to practice, in case folks would rather have some thinking time:

  • what is your top productivity tip at the moment?
  • what would you like to see from codecraft in the coming months?
  • a challenge you’d like help with