Talk : Deliberate Practice - The Science and practices that lead us to get better

Date Thursday 20th of April 2023
Time 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Location Online!

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For our April event, we will be welcoming Paige Watson who will be sharing his insights about Deliberate Practice when applying to writing code.

Talk Abstract:

Practice doesn’t make perfect! Perfect practice makes perfect. Professional athletes and musicians focus on practicing to get better, so that the quality of their work becomes effortless. Why aren’t you and your team practicing to get better?

Applying the concepts of Learned Behaviorism, using the techniques of Deliberate Practice, and simple “tools” like Code Katas can result in a more knowledgeable team that produces higher quality code at a more rapid pace.

After the talk, we will have a discussion in groups to chat through the concepts, advice and tips on the subject.

About Paige:

With more than 25 years in the industry, I understand the need for Quality Software Craft practices. Software creation is a complex endeavour that requires great minds to think about not only solving the problems but also about how to create easy maintainability and extensibility.

I teach teams how to create well-crafted software and processes for maturing into high-performing teams. I believe in Quality Craft practices like TDD, Pair & Mob programming, CI/CD and SecDevOps Teams.

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