Advent of Code warmup

Date Thursday 16th of November 2023
Time 7.00pm event start
Location   Zoom (with free ticket)


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The days are getting shorter, and the Xmas stuff has been in the shops for months now, but we have our last event of 2023 to warm your hearts.

Since 2015, folks have been participating in the “Advent of Code (TM)” an annual event with Xmas-themed coding puzzles.

Our November 2023 event falls just two weeks before the start, so we’ll limber up by exploring a couple of past exercises.

We will work in groups to find a solution to the problems, you will need a laptop to Join, and have some experience of coding, but these are about problem solving.

Code of conduct

We want everyone to feel welcome at our events, therefore we have a code of conduct to make sure we are very clear in what type of behaviour we tolerate at our events. Read it here