The Elevator Saga - can you transport people in time?

Date Thursday 15th February 2024
Time 7.00pm event start
Location   Zoom (with free ticket)

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Embark on a coding adventure like never before! Join us for an uplifting virtual event where you’ll step into the shoes of a software engineer tasked with programming an elevator system using JavaScript. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive deep into the world of programming as you tackle real-life challenges in elevator logic. From defining floor behaviour to optimizing passenger flow, this hands-on experience will put your JavaScript skills to the test.

Do I need to know Javascript already?

No, we will be working in small groups. This session is designed for folks who know Javascript and those that don’t.

Do I need to install anything before the event?

No. We will be using an online website to run the simulation.

Code of conduct

We want everyone to feel welcome at our events, therefore we have a code of conduct to make sure we are very clear in what type of behaviour we tolerate at our events. Read it here