Software development podcast focusing on what's happening in the Scottish tech scene

Season One

Spares & Repairs with Kari Shouur E6 • 28 Dec 2019

Ewa Grabowiecka and Joe Wright talk about data lab and the future of AI strategy for Scotland. The special guest is Kari Shouur, who is aa keen technologist with a knack for repairing things. In this episode he talks about getting started, your customer rights and the future of fixing.


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Confidence with Kevin McDermott E5 • 28 Nov 2019

Ewa Grabowiecka and Joe Wright kick off talking about interview questions and what impact 5G will have on Scotland. Our guest is Kevin McDermott, who discusses his career working remotely and techniques he has found for increasing confidence.


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UX with Jane Wilson E4 • 22 Sep 2019

Jane Wilson joins Ewa Grabowiecka and Joe Wright in the studio to discuss the last ten years of UX in development teams. How has analytics changed UX, is it required to make our websites accessible and what the future might hold for UX?


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Virtual Reality with Suzanne Lee E3 • 12 Aug 2019

Suzanne Lee takes Ewa Grabowiecka and Joe Wright into the world of virtual reality. We chat about using VR in healthcare to help with anxiety and dementia and Suzanne gives her tips on how to chase your passion.


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Pentesting with Andy Gill E2 • 15 Jul 2019

Andy Gill joins Ewa Grabowiecka and Joe Wright in the studio to bring us into the world of penetration testing. Discover what a day in the life of a pentester involves and how to break into the security industry yourself.


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Hello World E1 • 27 Jun 2019

Ewa Grabowiecka and Joe Wright introduce the podcast and talk about the jobs situation in Scottish tech. The main topic is about CodeCraft’s history, how it works and where the meetup is heading in the future.

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